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A partner in the development of businesses in Portugal; when performing its activities, COSEC is governed by a set of guidelines, ethical principles, and quality policies. Learn more about our commitment and access the documents regarding customer treatment, code of conduct in the market, anti-corruption policy bylaws, and procedures for reporting irregularities and handling complaints.

Client Ombudsman

Under the terms and for the purposes set forth in article 158 of the legal regime for access to and exercise of the insurance and reinsurance activity, approved by Law 147/2015, of September 9, and under the applicable bylaws, COSEC has designated:

Dr. José Limón Cavaco

Palácio Sottomayor, Rua Sousa Martins, nº 1 – 6º - 1050-217 LISBOA

Phone: +351 21 312 15 50 | Fax: +351 21 312 15 51 | E-mail: provedor@cosec.pt

We suggest reading the explanatory document beforehand, which indicates which complaints can be submitted to the Ombudsman.

These documents were issued and written in Portuguese, and only the Portuguese version shall be binding and shall have force of law.

Using the form below, you may submit a complaint to the Ombudsman.