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What is bond insurance?

Bond insurance ensures the proper fulfillment of contractual obligations assumed by a company (Policyholder) before the bond beneficiary (Insured).

In situations in which there is a legal or regulatory imposition, it is a means to ensure the beneficiary's protection against defaulting or insolvency of a policyholder, up to the limit value of the security.

Benefits of bond insurance

Often, your company may be required to ensure proper compliance with legal or contractual obligations before third parties. Surety bonds are the best option, because they provide:

  • Speedy ​​decision of limits and insurance proposals.
capacidade finaneira
  • Increases the financial capacity for the Clients, by diversifying the insurers and releasing liquidity.
aceitação mercado
  • Generalized acceptance due to our financial solidity and market credibility.

Who needs it?

  • Companies that need to provide guarantees to public or private entities for contracts/supplies or other activities.
  • Companies that need to provide guarantees required by Customs in the scope of their activity (import/export).
  • Companies that need to provide financial guarantees of payment or compliance regarding their obligations to provide services or delivery goods.
  • Others: Bonds for prize competition, for the exercise of business activities and those arising from EU Regulation.

The information provided on this page does not exempt the consultation of the legally required pre-contractual and contractual information.