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With our flexible services, you can choose a solution that is most appropriate to your business’s profile, needs, and characteristics, to best meet your company’s demands.

COSEC Credit Insurance provides you a comprehensive standard coverage
COSEC Solutions Bankruptcy or insolvency of the client Delay in payment, reorganization, or moratorium by the client Insufficiency of the client’s means of payment
Commercial Risk Credit Insurance (Short-term) Standard Solution Progression
Custom Solution World Policy
Credit surpluses
Additional Coverage Guarantee +
Guarantee ++
  COSEC offers other types of coverage to complement the standard solution.
  Political risks Manufacturing risks Technical Disputes

Other highlights

Additional Coverage

The additional coverage solutions allow you to increase the credit limits that are established in the basic Credit Insurance Policy, namely:

  • Guarantee + is intended for COSEC policyholders who want to increase, up to double, the partial coverage of their risks, compared to the baseline policy.
  • Guarantee ++ is intended for COSEC policyholders who wish to obtain a higher coverage than the existing one, or in cases where no coverage has been granted in the baseline policy, up to a limit of €100,000.

Dynamic Credit Cover

COSEC has developed a new service that allow our clients instantaneous access to risk information and customer coverage value, so that COSEC policyholders can safely and immediately realize credit sales.

An 100% online operation, through COSECnet, Dynamic Credit Cover allows you to automatically assess your client's risk profile and determine the value of the available coverage, as well as to benefit from a permanent monitoring of the insured risk and information on changes in the conditions of the entity, in particular their risk rating, that may change the conditions of coverage.

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