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By contracting your Credit Insurance Policy, we offer you a set of services, whose quality is recognized by our insured clients. 

COSEC direct

A personalized telephone and e-mail service to support policyholders, partners, and other entities, answering your questions related to COSEC information, decisions, and actions.


An online management platform for your credit insurance policy, allowing you to access, communicate, and operationalize your relationship with COSEC.

COSEC edoc

A service integrated into the COSECnet platform that provides documents in electronic form.

COSEC alert

An e-mail notification service that provides insured clients with immediate knowledge of the information and decisions through COSECnet.

COSEC risk

A risk management and assessment service for credit sales that helps you select the most suitable clients for your business.

COSEC collections

A debt collection service with immediate action and proven results in the internal and external markets.

COSEC info

An information and communication service through which COSEC presents relevant economic studies and shares content that evidences its knowledge as a market leader.

The information provided on this page does not exempt the consultation of the legally required pre-contractual and contractual information.