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Cover Policies

The list and cover policies are indicative and can be changed by the Guardian Authorities. The countries shown are the most representative in terms of demand and commitments. If you need additional information or if the country you search for is not listed, please contact the International Department

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The Portugal-Angola Convention is in force; it was designed to cover credit risks related to the export of capital goods and services of Portuguese origin to Angola, namely:

• Machinery and equipment
• Naval and aeronautical construction and repair;
• Civil works
• Turnkey projects
• Projects and specialized consultancy
• Technical assistance

This Convention was signed on December 18, 2004 between the governments of both countries and has a maximum amount of € 1 billion, operating on a revolving basis.

The cover may take the form of a supplier´s credit (insurance of exporters' credits on Angolan importers) or a buyer's credit (financing granted by credit institutions to Angolan importers). The assessment of export these transactions must be preceded by a prior prioritization and classification within the Convention by the Angolan Ministry of Finance.


A MoU was signed between Portugal and Tunisia aiming to foster the financial cooperation between the two countries. The cooperation comprises Portuguese exports of goods and services from several sectors, namely:
  • Machinery and equipment, especially for SMEs;
  • Naval and aeronautical construction and repair;
  • Civil works;
  • Turnkey projects;
  • Projects and specialized consultancy;
  • Technical assistance.

The MoU established a total limit of EUR 20M for covering Portuguese exports of goods and services through buyer’s credit transactions. These transactions will be subject to a case by case analysis and benefit from a sovereign guarantee from Tunisia.

The information provided on this page does not exempt the consultation of the legally required pre-contractual and contractual information.