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In the scope of the products specially destined for export, the following risks are covered:


  • Protracted default of the public buyer
  • General moratorium decreed by government of the country of the debtor
  • War, civil war, revolutions, and riots
  • Decision or act of the importing country that prevents the export
  • Any measure or decision of Portuguese authorities specifically targeting external trade, including those of the European Union (e.g., embargo)


  • Manufacturing risk:
    • Suspension or revocation of the order during the manufacturing period due to arbitrary repudiation of the commercial contract or refusal to accept the goods and services delivered
  • Commercial risk:
    • Insolvency of the private debtor and, if any, of its guarantor, either de jure or de facto
    • Protracted default of the private buyer


  • Transfer risk
  • Convertibility risk


  • Hurricanes and floods
  • Nuclear accidents
  • Earthquakes or tsunamis
  • Volcanic eruptions

The information provided on this page does not exempt the consultation of the legally required pre-contractual and contractual information.