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A partner in the development of businesses in Portugal; when performing its activities, COSEC is governed by a set of guidelines, ethical principles, and quality policies. Learn more about our commitment and access the documents regarding customer treatment, code of conduct in the market, anti-corruption policy bylaws, and procedures for reporting irregularities and handling complaints.

Code of Conduct

The COSEC Executive Board has approved a set of rules that constitute the "COSEC Code of Conduct", considering that:

  • COSEC relies on the trust its clients, shareholders, employees, and the general public have regarding its performance and integrity;
  • This trust depends essentially on the behavior and individual capacities of employees and members of their governing bodies (collaborators), and their willingness to jointly create value for customers, shareholders, and the Company;
  • The establishment of principles and rules of conduct of a general nature does not hinder the adoption or application of specific rules of conduct;
  • COSEC shareholders have adopted codes of conduct that establish principles of legality, integrity, loyalty, and independence;
  • Given the applicable legal and regulatory context, as well as the activity and the specific characteristics of the Company, the main rules of conduct contained in one of these codes are more easily integrated into a COSEC Code of Conduct.

These documents were issued and written in Portuguese, and only the Portuguese version shall be binding and shall have force of law.

Privacy Policy

COSEC – Companhia de Seguro de Créditos S.A., (COSEC), with Head Office in Lisbon, VAT Number and Register Number at Lisbon Commercial Registry 500 726 000, with the Capital of € 7.500.000,00, is an insurance company in the areas of credit and bond insurance, providing its services to other companies (B2B) to help customers to develop their business safely and the domestic and foreign trade.

At COSEC we care about your personal data. This Privacy Police explains the kind of personal data we collect, how and why we collect and use it and for how long it tis kept. We also explain how the data subject can access, correct, or object to the processing of his personal data (including requesting deletion, subject to applicable laws and regulations).

Customer Service Policy

Learn about COSEC's Customer Service Policy towards its Policyholders, Insured Clients, Beneficiaries, Risk Entities, and Interested Third Parties.

These documents were issued and written in Portuguese, and only the Portuguese version shall be binding and shall have force of law.

Anti-Bribery Policy

COSEC's reputation is based on the trust that our customers, shareholders, employees, supervisory authorities, and the general public have in our integrity. Our corporate conduct is therefore based on our commitment to act professionally and in accordance with the highest ethical standards.

Consult the Anti-Bribery Policy in force at COSEC.

These documents were issued and written in Portuguese, and only the Portuguese version shall be binding and shall have force of law.

Environmental and Social Approach

COSEC’s Environmental and Social Due Diligence in the Officially Supported Export Credit Insurance is applicable to exports of capital goods and/or services destined to new or existing projects located in identified locations, with a repayment term of two years or more.

Our Environmental and Social Due Diligence takes into account the commitments made by the Portuguese State in the OECD Export Credit Group. Therefore, it is in accordance with the OECD guidelines, namely the June 2012 Recommendation of the Council on Common Approaches for Officially Supported Exported Credits and Environmental and Social Due Diligence.

COSEC's approach establishes the rules and procedures to be adopted by regarding the methodology for classifying, analyzing, and evaluating projects with potential environmental and social impacts; it also determines the procedures to publicly disclose the projects with potential adverse impacts.

Within this framework, COSEC seeks to keep fostering constructive cooperation, not only between different players in export credit transactions, such as exporters, importers, financial institutions and export credit insurance agencies, but also with local communities directly affected by projects and national and international NGOs.

 View the documents here.